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SONG LYRICS: I once believed in the USA, with liberty and justice for all,
or at least for most, and that’s pretty close, but the number is starting to fall.

I once believed a president, who promised to bring change,
He spoke rather well, but from what I can tell, he loves Wall Street more than Main.

I once believed a preacher, he told me to tithe ten percent
so I gave him eleven, for my ticket to heaven, now I just can’t forget to repent.

Now I hold just one thing true
I believe in me and you
I dream of humanity
singing silent harmony

I once believed in mermaids, Santa Claus, and the Easter Bunny
then I got wise, to all of them lies, except for the tooth fairy’s money.

I once believed the chimpanzees on the AM radio waves
I listened too long, and I got it all wrong, it aint truth, but ratings they crave.

I once believed my cable news was totally balanced and fair,
they sounded so certain, but behind the curtain, lies the wizard of doctrinaires.


I once believed God made a mistake in creating all the gay
Then I friended some queers, and now hold them dear, and welcome them to the buffet.

I once believed a patriot, he was one of the chosen few,
who fly the same flag, and proudly brag, that we are better than you.

I once believed a general, crossing a crumbling bridge,
the gas main was leaking, as he was speaking, of a new enemy coming over the ridge.

Now I hold just one thing true
I believe in me and you
I dream of humanity
singing silent harmony
I dream of you and me
singing silent harmony

Copyright John Lopker 2012. All Rights Reserved.

Special Thanks To:
Mary K. Johnson: Police pepper spraying students at UC Davis

Ryan Fonseca: Day at Occupy Los Angeles

Sami Khan: Occupy Wall Street Rally NYC

Michael Brown: Flash Mob Sings Hallelujah

Channel: OCCUPY

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