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Drones are a major issue in the antiwar movement that has come to the forefront after their unconstitutional and excessive use. Drones in Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Libya and other countries cause high civilian casualties and have no accountability. In Washington, Congress pushes for relaxed regulations of drones in US Airspace and Department of Homeland Security has been posturing to put them in local police departments. Some have even stated that they want to see 30,000 drones in the US by 2020. The acceleration of drone proliferation has become exponential and some have began to take an ardent stance against drones.

More and more people have become aware of drones since the publishing of Medea Benjamin’s book Drone Warfare. Her organization CODEPINK and her partner Tighe Barry have been at the forefront of this issue educating people around the country about what they can do to keep drones from being used in their community. There have been actions around the country targeting Ddone bases like Hancock Air Force Base in Syracuse where 38 people where arrested. Several cities under their direction have submitted community ordinances against the use of unmanned aerial vehicles.

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