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Mission: Expedition was an immersive interactive experience inspired by the signature event Expedition Week, literally taking viewers inside the exotic, historic and impossible-to-reach locations featured during the week.

Users visited the Mission: Expedition website and lined up in a queue to control the strategically placed state-of-the-art telepresence cameras attached to a moving model train. For up to 60 seconds, each participant had an individual turn to navigate through miniature sets of a remote Papua New Guinean village populated by cannibals, Victorian London during the time of Jack the Ripper, the Himalayan Mountains where Yeti sightings had been reported and the Roman Coliseum during the gladiator era.

The robotic camera train, which traveled on a track throughout the miniature sets, allowed viewers to drive and participate in a photo safari in search of tiny hidden artifacts within each location for a chance to take home a piece of history. Participants had up to 60 seconds to navigate through the set and take a picture of what they deemed the most valuable artifact they encountered. If the captured image turned out to be one of the hidden artifacts of the day, the viewer will be notified and the artifact was physically mailed from the “Mission Expedition” set directly to the viewer’s home.


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