Easy Galaxy Nail Art

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♡⋅•⋅⋅•⋅♥⋅•⋅⋅•⋅{CLICK FOR INFO & PRODUCTS}⋅•⋅⋅•⋅♡⋅•⋅⋅•⋅♥ ♡ Add me on Facebook! ♥ facebook.com/cutepolish ♡ Cutepolish's Commentary ♥ I was inspired to create this design last April when my best friend and I visited the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. I've always been in love with the beauty and mystery of the cosmos. The design I have created is very easy to recreate and requires only nail polish, a makeup sponge, and a toothpick. I hope you and your friends enjoy this design as much as I do.

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