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'Call It Democracy' Cable Broadcast to Premiere on Documentary Channel, Nov 3rd and 5th

Film Addresses Voting Rights Issues Central to 2012 Presidential Race, Interviews Available
NEW YORK - October 25, 2012 - Call It Democracy, the full length feature documentary Directed and Produced by Matt Kohn, will make its cable broadcast debut via The Documentary Channel, Nov. 3rd (8pm and 11pm EST); and Nov. 5th (4pm EST).

"Call it Democracy debates the integrity of Presidential Elections through the lens of the Electoral College," says Kohn. "It blows the roof off the biggest scandal of election administration - how most of us are voting on machines owned by corporations with their own private agendas - at this very moment both presidential campaigns are ready to accuse the other of voter fraud. With voting integrity again at the center of this year's Presidential Election, we are so pleased that this film's message is more relevant than ever."

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In a time when questions of election fraud and voting integrity still populate the headlines, Call It Democracy explores the issues from the judicial, cultural and philosophical points of view, offering a non-partisan glimpse into the world of America's backroom election politics, suggesting society needs to take strong action to protect voter's rights. Featuring many people at the center of the voting rights debate including: Professor Alan Dershowitz, Senator Birch Bayh, Federal Judge Richard A. Posner, The Nation's John Nichols, John Conyers (D-MI), Rush Holt (D-NJ), Dr. Mary Francis Berry and Demos' Miles Rapoport.

The Documentary Channel, a 24-hour-per-day, 7-days-a-week television network dedicated exclusively to airing the works of independent documentary filmmakers, strives to explore the human experience through these passionate perspectives. It is available through both the Dish Network and Direct TV. Call It Democracy is distributed via 7 Art Releasing and was Produced by Dan Efram at Tractor Beam.

For scheduling interviews or other press Inquiries, please contact dan@tractor-beam.com

Matthew Kohn is the director of Call it Democracy and is currently in post-production on The Manute Bol Sudan Reconciliation Film Project, an epic feature documentary about the first NBA player from Africa on his final journey to create reconciliation schools in the war torn country where Mulims and Christians have been at odds for over 50 years. Kohn has appeared on FOX, NBC, CNN and blogs at The Huffington Post.
For Interviews, contact: Dan@tractor-beam.com


Professor Alan Dershowitz, Senator Birch Bayh (D-IN, John Nichols (The Nation), Frank Fahrenkopf, Jr., Greg Palast, Dr. Mary Frances Berry, Dan Keating, Prof. Jamie Raskin, Judge Richard A. Posner, Prof. Jeff Rosen, Prof. Marci Hamilton,Vincent Bugliosi, Alan Colmes, Kimball Brace, Steven Hill, Christopher Shays (R-CT), John Conyers (D-MI), Miles Rappaport, Cathy Cox (D-GA), Rush Holt (D-NJ), John Anderson, Kim Alexander, Prof. David Dill, Prof. Ted Selker, Hon. Mary Kiffmeyer (R-MN), Tom Wilkey Assoc. Prof. Doug Jones, Jim Dickson Kim Zetter (Wired News)

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