The System

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The System by Waterhouse artist Terry Lynn was shot on location in Porus, Jamaica.

The composition, texture and use of natural light in The System is intentionally similar to a series of photographs taken by Rickards in 2007 known as Friday Morning Market.

The photographs from this series documented a day in the life of a typical slaughterhouse located at the back of a community market in rural Jamaica.

In The System, the struggling of doomed animals, the brutality and indifference of the butchers and the slaughterhouse itself will be presented as a series of visual metaphors that relate to the lyrics in Lynn's song.

To be precise, the violence and nonchalance of the killers are direct references to the police while the pigs are a clear reference to the victims of police violence within a seemingly inescapable garrison - the slaughterhouse.

For more information on this brand new artist see http://www.kingstonlogic.com and http://www.phreemusic.com

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