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Winner- Best Documentary
Northwest High School Film Festival

In the village of Farar, in the heart of Senegal, over 875 share only two water spigots.

From these spigots, the women of the village each carry buckets of water, weighing up to 50 pounds, anywhere from a couple hundred yards to well over a mile to their homes.

The spigots are only open in the morning, however, as the pump that brings water from the well to the spigots is failing and can only run a few hours to prevent further damage.

In February, 2010, I traveled with a team of high school students to this village to experience life as I never could have imagined. Partnering with World Vision, we decided to raise the money needed to provide Farar with not only a new pump, but additional water spigots as well. This film is a short glimpse of our experiences there, what we're aiming to accomplish, and how we can further benefit this community in need.



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