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12 minute independently made documentary about Thomas Baggerman and his Gypsy Jazz ensemble. It portraits the ambition and determination the young musicians have while working on their debut album "Le Weekend". It also tells the story of passion and brotherhood on the holy grounds of Samois sur Seine, near Paris. Gypsy Jazz lovers from all over the globe gather there once a year to honor the legacy of guitar legend Django Reinhardt.

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REGARDER "LE WEEKEND" EN FRANCAIS: http://vimeo.com/30848809

MIRA "LE WEEKEND" EN ESPAGNOL: vimeo.com/​32038085

More info on the Thomas Baggerman Trio can be found on:

More info about the maker:

Production specs;

For people who might be interested in how this film was made I wrote a brief explanation below:

This independent short-documentary was a personal one-man crew / zero-budget experiment in wich I tried to explore the possibilities of creating a film without any crew or external funding, all this in order provided complete independence and a maximum in creative freedom. I managed to do so for 90 percent of the film and had some help from friends on one or two occasions.
After researching and pre-producing the film it was finally shot on different camera's like an XD-Cam PDW 530, Sony EX3 and a Canon 5D markII provided by my employer or rented using personal funds. My main goal in the cinematographic part of the film was to explore new point of views and camera handling wich resulted in different "feels" throughout the scenes in the film. I used a Cineslider for the grip parts and a monopod to stabilize the Canon 5D MarkII instead of an (expensive) rig. The sound was captured on a TASCAM DR-100 witch I positioned strategically amongst the musicians using a small tripod. The sound was synced later on in AVID Media Composer using PluralEyes. Colorgrading was done using Red Giant's Magic Bullet plugin. The overall production costs are estimated to have been 500 euro's or less (This of course excluding the investments made in gear and software). Production time took nine months in total, from scratch idea to a subtitled online version.

Hope this can be of any help for people wanting to make a film on a shoestring!



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