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Having worked on-air in radio for a number of years, my brain is hard-wired for sound and in particular the voice. Words like gravitas, timbre and resonance are used to try sum up what a great radio voice is and the subliminal effect the voice has on the listener.

When it came to shooting my final year film for college I wanted to get a grasp on all this. But the more I got into it the more the documentary was becoming just as much about Irish society and its voices.

I mean, just what is the right way to announce a death notice?
How would you keep the bidding at a cattle auction interesting?
What’s the best approach to shifting 30 units of housing in 30 seconds of radio ad time?
And why shouldn’t you sound too excited as a sports commentator if your local team score a goal in the first 10 minutes?

I’m reworking the documentary at the moment and polishing it up, with grading yet to be done.

Here’s a clip from it with thanks to Suzana Zalokar for her camera work.


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